The Raizer is a portable lifting chair that helps fallen individuals get up from the floor in just a few minutes. The Raizer can be operated by a single caregiver with minimal effort, requiring only one hand to support the head. Raizer II is an updated version – new design and features – of the original Raizer.


  • All surfaces of the Raizer II are designed to allow for easier cleaning.
  • New surfaces allow for the disinfection of the Raizer II.


  • 4 identical legs and 2 identical backrests ensure correct assembly with each setup.
  • Intuitive sound and LED indicators for easier assembly.
  • Improved bag and cart.


  • The safety belt can be removed for cleaning.
  • Adjustable placement of the safety belt on the backrests ensures greater stability for the fallen person.


  • The remote control has a storage compartment on the side of the Raizer II.
  • The stop button is more intuitive.
  • Service reminder indicates when the Raizer II needs servicing.
  • Battery indicator.


  • Automatic stop ensures the correct position for the use and disassembly of the Raizer II.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Chair

Liftup's patented emergency mobile chair is a quick and safe solution when a person has fallen and needs assistance for a transfer to a standing or sitting position.

A person who has fallen can be comfortably lifted to a sitting or standing position while being adequately supported throughout the lifting process. This method of lifting demonstrates the importance of being assisted while maintaining dignity and safety.
User Guide


  • Mobile chair for transferring from the floor to a sitting or standing position
  • Minimal physical effort for the caregiver
  • Both the fallen person and the caregiver can feel comfortable and safe in the process
  • Easy to transport in 2 lightweight bags
  • Assembly before operation: max 3 minutes
  • Easy to clean

Equal Opportunities

Every day, thousands of elderly and disabled individuals fall without the ability to get up. Liftup's Raizer Mobile Chair can be easily assembled and used by a single caregiver.

The fallen person can be safely and comfortably lifted in a way that supports the back throughout the process, up to a seated position, effortlessly within minutes.

Raizer takes into consideration the importance of being assisted in a dignified and safe manner.

Easy Handling

The caregiver can easily handle the Raizer without exerting much physical effort, while observing and caring for the fallen person, such as supporting their head during the transfer. The Raizer is an ideal solution for caregivers as well as paramedics and anyone involved in handling and transferring people in general. The Raizer is lightweight and easy to transport. It is carried in a kit to the location where it will be used. The Raizer is easily assembled and positioned around the fallen person without exertion from either the victim or the caregiver. The Raizer operates with a battery and can be accompanied by an optional remote control.

Safety First

For a fallen person, it is crucial that they feel secure during the transfer to a standing or sitting position. At all times during the transfer with the Raizer, the person must remain in constant contact with the ground and have physical and visual contact with the caregiver. The caregiver can perform the transfer without straining their back. With the Raizer, individuals weighing up to 150 kg can be transferred. The movement is smooth and quiet, and for optimal comfort, the Raizer is equipped with a safety belt.

Technical Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity: Max. 150 kg
  • Lifting Time: 20-30 seconds
  • Weight: Seat 9 kg + legs and backrest 4 kg - total 13 kg
  • Charger (2 pieces): 12V. Car adapter 90-264V, 20W and 12V
  • Number of lifts on a full charge: 40 with max. load approx. 100 with average load
  • Charging Time: Max. 6 hours
  • Empty battery load: 10-15 min = 1 transfer
  • CE Mark
  • Patent Pending
  • Registered Model

How to use Raizer II

Belt Assembly



Missing Remote Control

Leg Adjustment

Emergency Stop