Raizer II is an updated version
- new design and features - of the original Raizer.



Raizer M is
a home-use lifting chair.


Raizer® Mobile Chair

A person who has fallen can be comfortably lifted to a sitting or standing position while being adequately supported throughout the lifting process. This method of lifting demonstrates the importance of being assisted while maintaining dignity and safety.

Equal Opportunities

Every day, thousands of elderly and disabled individuals fall without the ability to get up. Liftup's Raizer Mobile Chair can be easily assembled and used by a single caregiver. The fallen person can be safely and comfortably lifted in a way that supports the back throughout the process, up to a seated position, effortlessly within minutes.

Raizer takes into account the importance of being assisted in a dignified and safe manner.


The Raizer, a state-of-the-art lift chair, is intended for staff in retirement homes, ambulance personnel, hospitals, families facing the challenges of a parent who falls regularly, and all individuals with physical disabilities struggling to get up alone, such as muscular dystrophy. They will greatly appreciate this chair.

Easy to Use

The Raizer must be carried and assembled at the location where it will be used. It operates with a battery and a remote control.

Exclusive Design

Liftup has partnered with a design and innovation partner throughout the development process to achieve the exclusive design of the Raizer. All materials are carefully selected to ensure stability and durability, taking into account both the caregiver and the fallen person.